The Charities

I’m lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of great advice and encouragement from my family, friends and role models, especially during my younger years when I didn’t know any better. I realise not everyone is as fortunate.That is why all the author’s profits from this book are going to be divided between the five mentoring and social inclusion charities below. They each do great work helping people who, for what- ever reason, may need a few words of encouragement, a second chance or someone to help them plan the way ahead.


A South London-based charity that promotes social inclusion for inner city families through education and training programmes for women and girls.


A UK national mentoring charity focusing on children aged five to nine, helping to grow a child’s strengths, build their self-esteem and positive alternatives to their challenging behaviour that could otherwise result in antisocial or criminal offending in later life.


A charity based throughout the UK focused on young ex-offenders, that works to match up young people with trained volunteers and work with them to help turn their lives around so they can get on the right track and t back into the community.


A mentoring charity, based in London and Manchester, working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them with the individual support they need to raise academic attainment and develop their character, through one-to-one mentoring basis from inspirational role models.


A social inclusion charity with some gang-focused programmes, working to break the cycle of offending. They also support all kinds of disadvantaged people, from children through to adults, throughout the UK.